At Arrow Termite and Pest Control we provide over 25 years of experience in protecting your largest investments by controlling and eliminating these damaging pests. Our pest professionals in Evansville, Mt. Vernon and Henderson receive ongoing training in product methodology, application techniques, and home construction. Combined with the latest tools and technology the termite management industry has to offer, when you choose Arrow Termite and Pest Control in Evansville, Mt. Vernon or Henderson, you’ve got the best in the business.



Construction Issues

Termite Construction Issues
Some styles of construction in the Evansville, Mt. Vernon and Henderson area are more prone to experience a termite infestation than others and there are particular areas of your home that create termite friendly conditions. Our termite control experts know that termites are all around us but because they live underground we have no idea that millions of them exist. Even if there is no indication of termites in your home, only a thorough inspection by a qualified Arrow Pest Control management professional can determine if they are actually present. Before you purchase a house please make sure to choose Arrow Termite and Pest Control for a qualified termite inspection.



Termite Treatment Options

Treatment Options for Every Situation in the Evansville, Mt. Vernon and Henderson areas.
There are multiple options available in the field of termite protection. Each option offers unique features and benefits. Your Arrow Termite and Pest Control professional termite technician is highly trained with each and can help provide the best solution for you, and your home or business.



Warranty and Other Facts

Depending on the type of treatment program you select Arrow Termite and Pest Control offers two warranties; Repair Coverage or Re-treatment Coverage. The re-treatment warranty provides free re-application to areas where termites may return to the home. This is the standard warranty and is typically the least expensive. Arrow Termite and Pest Control also offers the premium repair warranty. Under this program Arrow Termite and Pest Control will retreat areas of termite recurrence as well as repair any damages they may have caused…at no charge to our customer!

Can I transfer my warranty to a new owner if I sell my home?

Yes! Warranties from Peachtree Pest Control are on the home and available for future owners to transfer into their name. This is an advantage if you expect to sell your home in the future. Our industry leading warranties can add value and appeal for potential home buyers.

Does Peachtree maintain license and insurance coverage?

Yes! As a professional organization, Arrow Termite and Pest Control maintains extensive insurance policies. We want to ensure that the fullest protection available is provided to our customers. Arrow Termite and Pest Control is licensed to operate in Indiana and Kentucy. We’re proud to be your tri-state choice in pest and termite management.