At Arrow Termite and Pest Control we provide over 25 years of experience in keeping your yard, business or home mosquito free by controlling and eliminating these annoying pests. Our pest professionals in Evansville, Mt. Vernon and Henderson receive ongoing training in product methodology, application techniques, and home construction. Combined with the latest tools and technology the termite management industry has to offer, when you choose Arrow Termite and Pest Control in Evansville, Mt. Vernon or Henderson, you’ve got the best in the business.

Mosquito Problem in Evansville, Newburgh or Mt. Vernon, Indiana Areas?

Evansville, Newburgh or Mt. Vernon area mosquito problem? We can solve it with the #1 mosquito eliminator available! Contact the top Evansville mosquito control company today to set up an appointment and start enjoying your outdoor space this spring and summer!

Evansville Mosquito Control

How Does Arrow's #1 Mosquito Control and Prevention System Work?

Our mosquito station targets two life-stages of the mosquito, adults and larvae. Adult mosquitoes are lured to the station and deposit eggs in the water. Inside the station they sit and become contaminated with a slow-killing biological fungus and a larvicide. The fungus infection takes a few days to kill the mosquito and the infected mosquito will also spread larvicide to breeding sites around the station as well, killing the larvae in each water body they visit and virtually eliminating any mosquito issues a homeowner could have.