Don’t Try to Save by Skimping on Pest Control

Henderson, KY, Mt. Vernon, IN and Evansville, Indiana Pest Control

As we look for ways to reduce costs here and there, more homeowners are trying to reduce household maintenance expenses including pest control. While some home maintenance is a matter of do-it-yourself determination, termite and Henderson, KY, Mt. Vernon, IN and Evansville, Indiana pest control requires the training and skills of a professional technician. Structure-damaging pests, such as termites, carpenter bees and carpenter ants, can cause serious financial problems with a lot of damage to your home or business. In fact, termite damage costs American homeowners more than $5 billion each year—an expense that can be reduced or prevented through regular inspections from a trained expert.

Home or business owners in the Evansville, Mt. Vernon and Henderson area should call Arrow Termite and Pest Control at the first sign of activity:

• Large piles of dirt or sawdust underneath windowsills.
• Swarms of winged insects in and around the home.
• Wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
• Mud tubes on exterior walls of the home’s foundation.

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